Aug 22, 2010

One more blog about fantasy and science fiction?

Just that. One more blog. With luck, you will find here a special book, one you didn't know of but you'll arrive to love. This is my hope and my goal.

But... why English? Because I try and read in English as often as possible in order to improve it and not to lose what I once studied, and as a tribute to a very dear friend, not anymore among us, but always in our most precious memories, he who lent me some of my now favourite books and encouraged me to choose the rest for myself. Rob, whatever you're reading now up there, save a copy for me, my taste is so much better now, you'd be proud of me and, after all, it's mainly because of you.

I'll start with "the Song of Ice & Fire" and I have a reason: I'm anxiously waiting for "Dance with Dragons" in paperback but I don't know if I'll be able to resist temptation much more time, I'm almost sure I will surrender and buy the hardcover edition even if my shelves are on the verge of overflow and my purse not too buoyant. In fact, there are two reasons, cause HBO is preparing a television series based on this award-winning epic fantasy novels and most of the casting has already been revealed. Stay with me in this trip among worlds. Even if I disappoint you, these worlds will not.


  1. Hej again! Ingemar's mum told me about this. Thought of passing by and saying hello, Ron. Did you know I keep his boat in Simrishamn?

  2. Maki SushiAugust 24, 2010

    Viking in him loved this book! His old lady still as beautiful as Cersei and wittier than Tyrion. Me always Drogo, wanna be my Dany? Kidding hon, 3 puppies and a forth coming soon, no time to have fun.

  3. Didn't install ICQ last time u changed comp, did you? Ron, I'm desperate. Have u got any (male) single friend under 65 for me? Nice spanish normal man, nothing like that god you're with now, not that ambicious :) Just not nasty barbaric ones like the two above.

  4. @Sick_lovely_boy : Keep it tidy, you tornado-man, not like that room you lived in then,which was worse than Sarajevo after five bombings and an earthquake and smelled like burned by a dragon's breath.

    @Maki Sushi: Oh oh maaan. What kind of nick are you using these times? It must be all that fathering, melting your brain. I can imagine it turning into strawberry jelly, not that it was working great before, you know... Me and you? Not in your wetter dreams, babe, and that must be reeeeally reeeally wet :-P Kisses to Sainte Madeleine, awful waste nice intelligent girl like that living with a great charming brute like you? Did I say "charming"? Oooops.

    @Lena: Quick, girl, run, run for you live. Leave those bears there and came here where the sun is warm and men are sweet -if dark and short and hairy and machistas. Hey, Lena, maybe you should give the question a second thought after all ;-))))

    Great responsibility now, I should have evaluated first if I was going to have the time and skill to maintain this and not to fall short of your expectations, and more after having put his name in this. We'll see. He never feared fracas. Actually, he never feared anything.

  5. damn my English is bad, I do not know if I can accompany you very far in this adventure. But here I leave my kiss solidarity, good luck in the new project.
    PD: What about a bilingual version?


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