Jun 18, 2011

Charles Stross: Iron Sunrise

Rachel Mansour works as a hostage negociator. As soon as she has finished a job with a psychotic performance artist harboring a nuclear warhead, she's enlisted in a secret operation. She's to investigate  an act of apparent sabotage: Moscow's (one remote interstellar colony) host star exploded, annihilating an entire solar system and forcing the evacuation of nearby colonies. the answers to such questions may lie with Wednesday, a rambunctious adolescent girl whose family is fleeing the expanding explosion, and between whose story and Rachel's the novel alternates.

This is a sequel to "Singularity Sky" but that outdoes its achievements in every particular. Character that become beliavable people. Great (but awkward) sense of humour. One faultless space-opera, full of emotion, evil but believable villains, exciting action and good dialogue.

Clever building of a fascist nazi-type society, the ReMastered who call themselves "Ubermensch" (like Nietzsche's) and, ultimately, great great read.

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