Jul 23, 2011

Steven Brust - Vlad Taltos

Steven Karl Zoltán Brust (hungarian descent) is best known for his novels about the assassin Vlad Taltos.

There are currently 13 novels in the series although 19 are planned. In chronological order:

1. Taltos (1988)

2. Dragon (1998)
3. Yendi (1984)
4. Tiassa, section 1 (2011)
5. Jhereg (1983)
6. Teckla (1987)
7. Phoenix (1990)
8. Jhegaala (2008)
9. Athyra (1993)
10. Orca (1996)
11. Issola (2001)
12. Dzur (2006)
13. Tiassa, section 2 (2011)
14. Iorich (2010)
15. Tiassa, section 3 (2011)

The books are set on another planet (apparently) inhabited by dragaerans, who were created when the Jenoine (powerful race of extradimensial creatures) magically crossbred humans with various animals. Dragaerans average seven feet tall, with slender builds and very little muscular definition. They cannot grow beards and have very little body hair. Their lifespans are greatly enhanced, spanning several thousand years. They consider themselves "humans", but are called "Dragaerans" by Easterners who live in the Empire. In other lands, Easterners call them "elfs" or "faeries".

Magic exists in many forms: sorcery (gathering power from Chaos); pre-sorcery (sorcery that doesn't draw its power from the Imperial Orbit); elder sorcery (old and dangerous, presently outlawed). Witchcraft, used by men (although dragaerans consider themselves to be men and men to be sub-men) that use complex rituals to draw phisical energy.

The Great Houses are as follows (in order of their precedence in the cycle), with their two primary representative characteristics:

by ~Silversaff

* Phoenix—Decadence and Rebirth
* Dragon—War and Conquest
* Lyorn—Tradition and Duty

by ~samekh-mem

* Tiassa—Catalyst and Inspiration

by Katherine J. Grantham.

* Hawk—Observation and Inspiration
* Dzur—Heroism and Honor

* Issola—Courtliness and Surprise

by Katherine J. Grantham.

* Tsalmoth—Unpredictability and Tenacity
* Vallista—Creation and Destruction
* Jhereg—Greed and Corruption

by Katherine J. Grantham.

* Iorich—Justice and Retribution
* Chreotha—Forethought and Ensnarement
* Yendi—Subtlety and Misdirection
* Orca—Brutality and Mercantilism

by Katherine J. Grantham.

* Teckla—Cowardice and Fertility
* Jhegaala—Metamorphosis and Endurance
* Athyra—Magic and Philosophy

From http://blogs.elcorreo.com/bardsong/2009/10/25/la-saga-vlad-taltos-i-introduccion

Vladimir Taltos is an Easterner who inherits a small peerage of the house of Jhereg and decides to make his own mark on  dragaeran society, for which he has no hesitation in leaving a trail of corpses in its wake as he makes his way to the top of the house of Jhereg. To achieve this he has only his skill with the sword, his skill in the art of witchcraft and a small flying scavenger and sharp tongued reptile called Loiosh. He began his career as a simple thug but as the books progresse he is more and more compared to Mario, the most famous and feared assasssin throughout the empire. Of course not everything is as simple as it seems and during the Vlad novels, although he begins his career as a cold murderer, he will face great moral issues that will make him rethink his way of life ... (and I much prefer him when he's a cold hearted son of a bitch than later when he grows a concience out of love but... )


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