Apr 3, 2012

Aliette de Bodard - The Jaguar House, in Shadow

Why would you want to read about what others think about this short story when you can read it here:


This is what Short Story Club has to say about this work:

"This is a sort of caper story, set in a high-tech Mexica empire, where the elite order of Jaguar Knights are the only survivors of a bloody purge instigated by the new emperor, which has wiped out all the other orders. Xochitl, a young-ish female knight started a dissident movement within the order, which has been suppressed brutally by the head of the order, Tecipiani, as a show of loyalty to the new regime. Onalli, an elite operative of the order and friend of both Xochitl and Tecipiani decides to break into the Jaguar House to free Xochitl from imprisonment and torture."

Well, personally, I don't like too much the kind of books based on alternate histories, but this hyper-technological Mexico that nevertheless keeps its bloody ancestral religion strikes me as original and intriguing.

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