Jan 29, 2011

Harry Connolly: Twenty Palaces

Twenty Palaces is a series of fantasy/mystery novels written by Seattle author Harry Connolly. He provides a first person narrative of each story from the point of view of the main character, Ray Lilly, as he recounts his adventures working for the Twenty Palace Society.

Two novels: Child of Fire & Game of Cages

After a not-so-bad first chapter, I became quickly disappointed. No character development, no plot, no background, no rithm. Boring. Enough time wasted with this book. Let's read another one.


  1. Yep. Rubbish.

    Do we have to always agree? It's so boring. Soporific. Tedious. Tiresome.

    Improving my vocabulary, ain't I?

  2. Look, Ron. Seems some smartass didn't understand the rithm bit:

    <a href="http://burger-eater.livejournal.com/802618.html?view=3969338#t3969338>Smartass</a>

    Making fun of poor non-anglophone people like us. Shame on u, smartass.

    Of course she's gonna make mistakes, she's spanish for the love of god but this time it was a wink to my new danish speakers.

  3. He loves the book. I don't like it. What's the problem? It's easier to discredit an opposing view if you argue that the "critic" is uneducated: "Everyone loves the book but this bumpkin". Anyway, this blog is only intended as a place where some friends talk to each other about a book they have decided to read in unison. One is Spanish, the other Norwegian, a Turkish girl and a guy from Surinam. Our one and only follower is a multilingual, multicultural teen whose blog I do not know why today I can not access.


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