Mar 1, 2011

Lois Lowry - Giver

With a reputation for being "one of the most banned books in American schools", the Giver is a powerful novel that keeps you reading and thinking about.

 The Giver is a futuristic vision of a seemingly perfect society in which everyone wears a life nicely ordered and directed. Life goes quietly into a community where all are equal, there is no hatred or fear, but no feelings nor any memory of the past.

Jonah lives in a household in the community and faces the Ceremony of Twelve in which he will be given the mission to be carried the rest of his life.

But Jonah is special, and he's afforded the most honorable and respected professions within the Community: he will be the new host of memories. Above this, lie the burden of remembering all those feelings, experiences and pains that have no place within the Community. The old receiver becomes the giver that turns on Jonah all stored memories of past world and from that moment Jonah will never be the same ...

Some facts: titles: 

The Giver
Number the Stars
Gathering Blue
The Silent Boy
Looking Back
A Summer to Die
The Gooney Bird Series
The Anastasia Series
The Sam Series

Lowry won the Edwards Award in 2007

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