Dec 30, 2010

Richard Kadrey: Metrophage

Let's hear what Kadrey has to say about Metrophage:

"You may read these files, copy, distribute them, or print them out
and make them into little hats. You may do anything you like with
them as long as you do not change them in any way or receive
money for them.

I've put METROPHAGE and HORSE LATITUDES into free distribution
on the Net, but I retain all copyrights to the works.

If you have any problems or comments on the works or their
distribution, you can email me at:

And remember, if you charge anyone money for these files you are
the nothing but ambulatory puke, and I hope a passing jet drops a 15
pound radar magnet on your hard drive."

Richard Kadrey
May 1995

And this:

The protagonist of METROPHAGE is Jonny Qabbala, a drug dealer in
his early 20s. When I wrote the book, I denied hugely that it was in
any way autobiographical. This was, of course, a stinking lie.

Aside from the fact I've never shot anyone or used cobra venom as a
recreational drug, METROPHAGE is a distillation of everything I'd
done, seen, read, heard or thought about up until the time I wrote it,
and is as purely autobiographical as anything I'm ever likely to
write. Which isn't to say you should read the book literally. Some of
what happens in METROPHAGE is straight reportage, and while some
of the events in the book happened to me, some of them happened to
friends. The things you think are the obvious truths probably aren't.
The most ridiculous and unbelievable things are quite possibly true.

Plus, the book is full of lies. It's a work of fiction. I made up a lot of
it. Yet it remains the psychological story of my life up into my mid-
twenties. This is not meant to dazzle anyone with my
accomplishments. If you read the book, you'll quickly discover an
unflattering truth: Jonny Qabbala is a jerk. He's not evil or stupid or
even a bad guy, he's just young and clueless. Jonny finds it difficult
to act decisively or take a stand, and when he does either, he's
usually wrong. Even when I was writing the book, when I was closer
to Jonny's age and temperament, I frequently wanted to crack his
skull with the collected works of Iggy Pop (which is another bit of
trivia: Iggy is in the book, but I won't tell you what character he
plays; if you've ever seen Iggy perform, you'll know).

Time passes, though, and I no longer want to slap Jonny around. I'm
not so far from Jonny that I can see him as my offspring, but I can
easily imagine him as a kid brother. As such, I can forgive him a lot
of his faults because as lame as he is, he's usually trying to do the
right thing."

You can read Metrophage here for free:

Or downloading it ere: free download of Metrophage

Not bad but not Gibson either. But, as Man Ray told Groucho, "everybody is a critic" and giving that this one is free and full of imagination, we can conclude that it's unbeatable value for the money you're spending. Didn't like the deliberately open ending, though.


  1. Happy new year, babe! I won't forget EVER the 31th in Lloret, you always the sober and sensible princess surrounded by crawling drunks, like a noble elf enduring her guard of full-of-snot orcs, but always with an easy smile and a ready caress, giving us the present of your laughter and your care.

    I've read the post in What Ronronia Wants as I could, putting it by pieces in Google Translate, and it never ceases to amaze me the joy and the ease with which you face the blows that life delivers to you.

    Must be "True love" like in "The princess bride".

    Nina and I send you our best wishes for this 2011. Be happy!

  2. I'm at a loss for words, man, you left me speechless and you know how unlikely that is.

    My best wishes for you, too. Retrieve the pleasure of talking about books with you has been one of the attractions of this year and will be a main illusion for the next.

    We'll see what you think about drunkness the first day your Nick cames back home crawling but I hope you'll keep the historical memory and so will be able to appreciate in him the same expertise you proved when dealing with booze. He's twelve, isn't it? :-))))

  3. Hi! What's wrong about booze?. A Norse can not survive on celery juice, lady, like other people out there.

    Happy and funny 2011, Ron. I hope that, for this year, we shake off the laziness and meet in person somewhere to get drunk ant talk through the night about books and stuff, like we used.

  4. Fine for me. Let this be our New Year's good resolution: let's organize something and be geeks & freaks together.

    How about meeting in the Freak Parade somewhere?

    Happy New Year, sugarpuffs.


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