May 19, 2011

Jack Vance - Lyonesse

The Lyonesse Trilogy is a group of three fantasy novels by Jack Vance, set in the European Dark Ages, in the mythical Elder Isles west of France and southwest of Britain, a generation or two before the birth of King Arthur. An Atlantis theme haunts the story, as do numerous references to Arthurian mythology.

In order of plot chronology:

  • Lyonesse (subtitled Book I: Suldrun's Garden on the title page)
  • The Green Pearl
  • Madouc

From James D. DeWitt review,

"This is my test for excellent fantasy: when you read it, the world created is brighter and more vivid than the world you return to at the end of the book. This book passes that test."

And J.Hardy's one says:

" Vance's Lyonesse is a tough, dangerous world: ogres raping women, killing & eating children, fathers imprisoning daughters for disobedience, prisoners of war enslaved, and so forth. Very tough-minded. Parents looking for Johnny's next fantasy series after Harry Potter should look elsewhere. Johnny needs a different book; the parents should read this themselves. "

And A Customer''s opinion:

" Lyonesse is funny, sad, arch, inventive, adventurous, philosophical, page-turning, perfect. The characters are more real than any of the people you know, and you will love and hate them more than your own friends and enemies. The Elder Isles are more real than New York or London and much more interesting."

Superbly conceived and written. Masterpiece. No doubt. Everything you can want to know about the plot and the characters in this book can be found in this article from Wikipedia

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