May 7, 2011

Justin Cronin: The Passage

A scientist leading an expedition deep in the jungle, discovers a miracle substance that may allow to increase the life expectancy of mankind and destroy most diseases. At least that is what he believes but time proves him wrong and no man comes out alive from the expedition. Those who survive are no longer human beings.

In a top secret U.S. government facilities the unthinkable happens: a security flaw allows the escape of monstrous beings that were the subject of a military experiment with a virus. In an incredibly short time, they unleash chaos and destruction in its wake.

Not far from there, Amy, an orphan girl, barely six years old, begins a treacherous journey. Amy is a very special girl and that is well known by the bloodthirsty beings chasing here, and so do those who have ordered the FBI agent Brad Wolgast you to get her at all costs.

But Wolgast disobeys his orders and instead, decides to protect Amy. Knowing that she is the key to stopping the horror that has gripped the planet. As the Earth as we know it is approaching its own end at a terrific speed, Amy and Wolgast begin their peculiar odyssey through a world transformed by man's darkest dreams, waiting for that moment they can end what should never have happened.

People affected by the virus turn into vampire-like creatures and children have to be evacuated from the cities, carried to fortified settlements, colonies, where they can be protected.

Born to be a bestseller, people complain about its size, more than 1000 pages. For me, 1000 pages are O.K., no objection at all provided they are good or even only funny such as these are. Low pace at times, specially in the middle.

As read in libro-génica:

"The Passage"is a grand narrative full of characters very finely drawn that as it progresses, becomes a discussion between several voices on human society, their dialogue ranging between individualism and solidarity. Also, it is seen as a study of human behavior to hostile conditions: an internal struggle that almost all the book's characters manage to beat - their road punctured by difficult choices and the ongoing duel between the magnet of madness and the strength of survival.

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