May 31, 2011

Roger Zelazny - The Chronicles of Amber

1. The Corwin Cycle

1.1 Nine Princes in Amber (1970)

Corwin has escaped the dungeons of Amber, where he was imprisoned by his hated brother Eric, who had seized the throne of Amber. All of Corwin's siblings believe that guns cannot function in Amber, as gunpowder is inert there. But Corwin has secret knowledge: in the shadow world of Avalon, where he once ruled, there exists a jeweler's rouge that will function in Amber as gunpowder should. Corwin plans to raise a legion of shadow soldiers, and arm them with automatic rifles from the shadow world Earth. While gathering these forces Corwin discovers a more sinister problem growing among the shadows. He meets Dara, a woman claiming to be his great, grand niece, and later discovers a threat to Amber; a black road which runs across universes from the Courts of Chaos to Amber. With his newly-trained army, Corwin marches on Castle Amber only to find it already under siege. Eric is mortally wounded and passes the Jewel of Judgment to Corwin, making Corwin Regent. The immediate danger passes, but Dara threatens greater peril after walking the pattern and revealing herself to be a creature of the Courts of Chaos, intent on destroying both Amber and the Shadows.
1.2 The Guns of Avalon (1972)

1.3 Sign of the Unicorn (1975)

1.4 The Hand of Oberon (1976)

1.5 The Courts of Chaos (1978)

2 The Merlin Cycle
2.1 Trumps of Doom (1985)

2.2 Blood of Amber (1986)

2.3 Sign of Chaos (1987)

2.4 Knight of Shadows (1989)

  2.5 Prince of Chaos (1991)

This is great fantasy of huge imagination and complex characters:

Corwin: (all trumps by ~madnesslab): Corwin is a son of Oberon, prince of Amber. The lead of the story, it is told from his viewpoint.

Benedict: The undisputed weapon master of Amber. Benedict is the oldest living son of Oberon.

Bleys: Son of Oberon, prince of Amber.
One of the three most attentive students of Dworkin. Bleys is the weakest in magic compared to Brand and Fiona and is more inclined towards the use of force.

Brand: Son of Oberon, prince of Amber.
The villain of the story, the prince who went beyond desiring the crown.

Caine: Son of Oberon and Faiella, prince of Amber.
An aloof guy, Caine loved the sea. He was known to be closest to Julian.

Daughter of Oberon and Faiella.
Deirdre has never concerned herself with the Family Game. She was closer to Corwin than her other siblings.

you can found much more about the characters here and the rest of the trumps South Part Style here

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